Magnetotherapy: Set Camilla


Set of Magnetotherapy  Diamagnetic stretcher, Viera and Generator.



Diamagnetic stretcher. 

Generator Renaissance Duo Forte. 

Solenoid Viera. 


The wave generator is the source of impulses that are converted inside each applicator in the healing magnetic field. 

Manufactured to create an optimal frequency (between 1 and 72 Hz), to be easy to use and very safe, even at home. 

The generator incorporates the latest wave generation technology. 

It has a full range of therapies for a total of 112 treatments of specific pathologies, plus 4 Regenerative programs and 3 Analgesic programs. 

Simple use, thanks to its circular program selector we can select the pathology to be treated, and quickly manage the precise therapy and the application time. 

The device allows to modify the intensity of the treatment for those cases in which a special hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves has been appreciated (<1: 100,000). 

It is specially prepared so that its handling is simple and does not require advanced knowledge. 

With graphic LCD screen, its protective casing is especially resistant to shocks and its ergonomic shape allows you to hold it with your hand comfortably if necessary.

You can connect two applicators at the same time, which can work the same or different therapy and on one or two people at the same time. 

With 100% intensity, it generates a minimum magnetic field of 25 mT = 250 Gauss, and a maximum of up to 35 mT = 350 Gauss. Pulse shape: Foursquare. * Note: the intensity is not heterogeneous in the whole applicator, therefore, marking in the generator 100% intensity, depending on where we make the measurement we will have peaks of 250 to 350 gauss. The flat applicators activate the magnetic field with the greatest intensity, however it is not homogeneous in space. The intensity of the field decreases with the distance from the surface of the applicator (for example at a distance of 8 cm decreases to 20%). They are used for those cases where we do not require the entrance of the magnetic field deep into the tissues. The most powerful magnetic field is on the axis at the surface. 

The circular applicators have a homogeneous magnetic field, although a little weaker than the flat applicators. They are used for those cases where we emphasize the uniform action of the magnetic field and when we need to penetrate deeply into the tissue (for example, the joints of the extremities).

How to use: 

Place the applicator in the treatment area as close as possible to the body surface. 

It is not necessary a direct contact, nor take off the clothes; It does not matter that the area is bandaged or plastered. 

Applications should be distributed throughout the day at regular intervals (for example, in the morning, at noon, and at night). 

Be patient. The magnetotherapy acts differently in each person since there are a number of factors that influence the healing effects of pulsed magnetic therapy: the state of the disease and the subjective sensitivity of the patient towards the application of the magnetic field, in addition to their psychic state.





Technical parameters: 

Power: 7-20 VA depending on the type of applicator chosen. 

Attached part of type BF. 

Apparatus with a fixed energy source: 18 V = of the adapter. 

Pulsed magnetic field of low frequency and low intensity. 

Intensity (Induction of the magnetic field): 100% = 25 mT = 250 Gauss (The intensity is variable according to the applicator used, in Fulmio, Manic and Piego applicators the maximum intensity can reach 40 mT = 400 Gauss). 

Guaranteed frequency range = 5-72 Hz. 

Pulse shape: Foursquare. 

Face of the impulses: Rectangular. 

Measures: 17.5 x 9 x 2.8 cm. 

Weight: 280 gr.

Acoustic warning sign + information on screen. 

End of the application acoustically + information on screen. 

EEPROM memory. 

Application time: from 1 to 90 minutes.


Graphic information screen. 

Rotating start button. 

Confirmation button. 

Pause / Stop button. 

Information button for channel selection and saved in favorites. 

Power connector for the adapter. 

Connectors for the applicators. 


Stretcher with built-in VIERA solenoid. 

Stretcher measurements: 

Width: 51 cm. 

Height: 65 cm 

Length: 200 cm 


Deep applications in the area to be treated. 

It facilitates maximum comfort even for patients with mobility problems. 


The VIERA applicator is a larger version of the 163-CAVO solenoid. 

It is intended for use by professionals in Spa Centers, Spas, Rehabilitation Centers, Physiotherapist consultations, in Residences for the elderly and Disabled Centers that offer their clients health care. 

Because of its size, this applicator makes it easy to place the patient inside its homogeneous magnetic field that penetrates equally in the entire area to be treated and demonstrating its regenerative, anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effect to treat osteoarthritis of the hip or knee joint, rheumatoid arthritis, pains of back of different origin, osteoporosis and many other pathologies. 

The use of magnetic therapy by means of this applicator is very important, especially in osteoporosis, which is presented mainly with a high risk of dissipation of bone tissue in the hip joint and the lumbar vertebrae. 

Technical characteristics: 


WIDTH: 31 cm.

HIGH: 58 cm. 

DIAMETER: 67.5 cm. 

WEIGHT: 9.2 Kg. 

Induction of the magnetic field: oscillates between 25 mT and 35 mT (250-350 gauss).

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